How to Properly Arrange The Clothes in Your Closet

How to Properly Arrange The Clothes in Your Closet

If you are like most people, your closets probably get messy, disorganized, and hard to use. The key is figuring out a closet organization system that allows you to effectively arrange your wardrobe.

Luckily, there are plenty of solutions to tame the madness & arrange the clothes in your closets with ease, including:

  • What to hang versus what to fold
  • Organizing based on color, style, or season
  • Why a shoe rack is your best friend
  • Utilizing accessories
  • Donating unwanted items

Don’t let a mess stop you from having custom closets you can actually use. Following these simple tips will bring you one step closer to organizational bliss.

Hanging Versus Folding

When it comes to clothes, certain items need to be hung while others need to be neatly folded in drawers or cabinets. Learning how to recognize when these cases arise will help keep your garments looking newer longer.

According to Martha Stewart , deciding what to hang or fold depends on a variety of factors, such as drawer and closet space, types of fabrics, and the kinds of pieces you own. You want your clothes to look crisp and not wrinkled or stretched out.

Must hang garments, include:

  • Flowy Fabrics – Silk, chiffon, and most blouses
  • Jackets – Blazers, hoodies, jean jackets, and outwear
  • Dresses – Hang all dresses that are not knit or heavyweight
  • Easily wrinkled fabrics – Linen items and dress shirts
  • Dress pants – Slacks, khakis, other formal dress pants

Clothing to be folded:

  • Thick fabrics or knitted items – Heavier winter items, such as thick sweaters and knit dresses
  • Workout clothes – Activewear items, such as yoga pants, exercise shorts, and workout tops
  • Shorts – Don’t waste precious closet space on shorts. Fold and place them in drawers

Items that you could hang or fold, depending on your preference, include:

  • T-shirts
  • Jeans
  • Scarves

Organize Clothes Based on Color, Style, or Season

Another great way to arrange your clothes is by color, style, or season. Reader’s Digest suggests you keep the items you are wearing most often in an easily seen and accessible location inside your closet. You could even add tags or dividers to the tops of your hangers based on the kind of clothes. This will help you quickly find the type of clothing you want without having to sift through everything.

Arranging clothes by color will keep your closets looking sharp and coordinated. You could put all variations of one color in a section. To easily draw your eye to the garments you want, try arranging color-coordinated clothes by style. Have all blue-colored garments in one section, then further organize them into tank tops, short-sleeved blouses or tees, and long-sleeved shirts.

Seasonal items can rotate from the back of the closet to the front as the seasons change. Keep your favorite seasonal items near the front. As each season changes, continue rotating your wardrobe. You won’t have any more trouble finding your favorite summer t-shirts or holiday sweaters. 

Use a Shoe Rack

In a recent article by Optimal Garage & Closets Inc. , several accessories were recommended for organizing messy closets, including shoe organizers. A shoe rack or shoe shelf, for example, will clear up valuable floor space. These particular organizers are made to neatly store a variety of footwear. Your shoes will look better and last longer. Just like your clothes, sort your shoes into categories. To learn more, check out Reorganize Your Custom Closets Using These 7 Versatile Accessories .

Utilize Additional Accessories

You can turn your closet into one that is more customized simply by bringing in a few space-saving accessories. There are so many types available that you might have trouble picking which ones you want.

  • Jewelry Organizers – These securely organize your jewelry without the bulkiness of a jewelry box. Your favorite pieces will be easy to find and tangle-free.
  • Baskets and Bins – You can find decorative bins or baskets to store certain items, like heavy sweaters or kids’ toys.
  • Pants Racks – Neatly keep your dress pants stored and organized on racks that slide out to you.
  • Laundry hampers – Dirty laundry on the floor is not inviting. You can have a hidden laundry hamper compartment right in your closet.

Donate Unwanted Items

As you go through your closets and rearrange everything, you are likely going to find some garments or shoes you no longer want or need. If they are in good condition, place them in a bag & take them to a local clothing donation center, such as Goodwill or The Salvation Army. You'll feel marvelous giving to someone else in need while freeing up more closet space in the process!


You don’t have to spend all day organizing your closets to make them look presentable and be more functional. All you need to do is follow these simple tips to arrange your clothes properly, and your closets will be clutter-free and streamlined to your specifications.