I finally tried Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty menswear—I’m not impressed

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When it comes to celebrity-hyped fashion brands, my friendship circle frequently mentions two: Yeezy and Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty. While the Ye-owned former somehow sustains itself through scant shoe releases with Adidas, the latter feels like it’s ubiquitous both online and IRL. I currently have three Savage X Fenty robes hanging off my bathroom door, courtesy of my girlfriend’s own collection, and my Instagram feed is full of friends and influencers who proudly show off the brand’s lingerie and sleepwear on a monthly basis. With Amazon Prime-hosted fashion shows and celebs like Megan Thee Stallion being tapped for modeling duties, the Rihanna-founded brand is the definition of hype. But is Savage X Fenty clothing actually good?

Wanting to see what the uproar around Savage X Fenty was about, I reached out to the company to try two pieces that called out me while window shopping—the Savage X Smoking Jacket and Savage X Satin Pants—to see if they'd turn me into a fan.

What is Savage X Fenty?

Man wearing red Savage X Fenty sleepwear smoking jacket, woman wearing Savage X Fenty green sweatsuit.
Credit: Savage X Fenty

Rihanna's Savage X Fenty is immersed in intense hype and online influence.

Savage X Fenty is a lingerie brand founded in 2018 by Barbadian singer and actress Robyn Fenty, professionally known as Rihanna. The company made huge waves when it debuted for its inclusiveness, casting a range of models who emphasized all body types and ethnicities. The brand is a joint venture between Rihanna and TechStyle Fashion Group, an online fashion retailer that specializes in membership-based, direct-to-consumer retail. Savage X Fenty, along with her makeup company Fenty Beauty, is what Forbes attributes to making Rihanna the richest female musician in the world.

Over the years, Savage X Fenty has built a large network of style ambassadors who wear its clothing and showcase it on social media. These ambassadors include celebrities, musicians, models, and influencers. The brand also has fashion shows that it premieres via Amazon Prime, which includes live performances by musicians, choreography, and debuts of new clothing. The brand sells lingerie, underwear, and loungewear in women’s and men’s sizes XS to 3XL.

How does Savage X Fenty work?

Woman modeling Savage X Fenty bra, woman modeling Savage X Fenty sweatsuit.
Credit: Savage X Fenty

Savage X Fenty's $50 monthly membership cost affords Xtra VIP members cheaper items in future releases.

How Savage X Fenty differs from other direct-to-consumer online storefronts is in its membership-based shopping. Shoppers can sign up for the brand’s Xtra VIP program for $49.99 a month. This grants customers discounts on all items at the retailer, as well as early access to new releases, and the ability to purchase limited-edition, Rihanna-curated clothing boxes. Xtra VIP members also get free returns on all items, an introductory discount on clothing, exclusive members-only releases, and the ability to use Afterpay, which allows consumers to pay in small increments on all purchases.

The $49.99 membership cost, which charges on the 6th of every month, works as credit for your Savage X Fenty account. Each month, that charge is automatically added to your account and can be used to spend on Savage X Fenty products. Xtra VIP members get first dibs on shopping the brand’s new monthly releases, as well as up to 25% off all items.

Members can “skip” a release by the 5th of every month to avoid a $49.99 charge. If they don’t, $49.99 is added to their account’s credits for future spending. The credits never expire and will roll over to the next month. However, the remaining money can’t be used to pay for the membership cost—spending $20 of that $49.99, for example, won’t make next month’s Xtra VIP cost $29.99, as credits aren’t used as membership payments.

All shoppers, members or not, get free shipping if their cart is over $49 and discounts on bundling items. All prices listed for Savage X Fenty’s pieces prioritize showing Xtra VIP discounted rates. The Savage X Satin Pants I tested, for example, could cost $64.95 for non-members or $49.95 for Xtra VIP members. New Xtra VIP members also get introductory offers, which can make that same pair of pants cost $24.98.

An important note: All non-members who shop at Savage X Fenty will automatically get an Xtra VIP membership added to their carts. The retailer defaults to this setting, which can lead to a surprise charge the following month. To change this, go to your shopping cart and X out the “Add Xtra VIP Membership” in your cart. Deleting the membership will also show your accurate non-member price on the items you selected. Savage X Fenty Xtra VIP members can cancel their membership online or over the phone.

What I like about Savage X Fenty sleepwear for men

Savage X Fenty men's sleepwear in purple.
Credit: Reviewed / Kevin Cortez

The Savage X Smoking Jacket and Savage X Satin Pants fit extra baggy and feel as smooth as silk.

Savage X Fenty’s biggest strength lies in its flair. The shiny, oversized, and luxurious look of the Savage X Satin Pants and Savage X Smoking Jacket are what attracted me to each piece the most, followed by the vibrant colors they come in. I asked for a bright purple set, but the jacket and pants are also available in red and a gorgeous hunter green. I also like the jacquard design, which is a print that’s woven into the fabric instead of printed on top of it. This adds more detail—albeit, for the sake of allover branding, as “Savage X Fenty” is part of the woven design—to this otherwise plain, silky set.

Both pieces I got in a size L, which isn’t usual for me. I’m in between a men’s size L and XL in tops and an M in bottoms, but I opted for an L in both pieces to stay consistent with the set’s intended baggy fit. The result is a similar silhouette on me to what I saw on one of Savage X’s male models. The satin pants have excess fabric that sweeps underneath my feet while walking—for reference, I’m 5-foot-11 and normally prefer a 29-inch inseam—and the smoking jacket is loosely cut enough that the cuffs cover part of my knuckles. That looseness lends a type of cozy feel that I believe is done right due to its durable polyester fabric. (In contrast, I wasn’t a fan of the bagginess of Tommy John’s loungewear because of its overly stretchy, almost slinky material.) Each piece is so generous in size that I’m confident I could’ve sized down to an S in pants and maybe the same in the jacket to see a closer fit to what I’m used to wearing.

I wore the Savage X Smoking Jacket and Savage X Satin Pants over the course of five days, where it became part of my nightly ritual. The pair helped set the tone for the remainder of my days, helping me relax and feel cooler than my usual go-to, at-home wear: a pair of basketball shorts and a baggy T-shirt. The satin pants have deep pockets that I enjoyed resting my hands in while standing around in my home, feeling hidden by their wide legs. The waistband has a snug feel that isn’t tight, and a set of buttons along the fly that I found useless because, well, I could pretty much slide the pants down by accident due to how generously they fit. The jacket has a chest pocket that I didn’t use much, but I enjoyed toying with the adjustable belt while lounging around. I also wore it open on most days, which helped me feel, well, kind of cute—something my girlfriend appreciated, too.

The set’s sheen is made possible by its satin weaving, which is traditionally made with silk. Here, the textile used is polyester and elastane. Normally, I’d dismiss this kind of material, as I generally find it scratchy, not breathable, and cheaply made—three traits I typically avoid in hot and humid Florida where comfort is at the forefront of my style. But I’m surprised to say that the polyester feels soft and breezy. Part of that airiness is attributed to the set’s fit and fabric thinness, but both pieces seem well made and with fabric unlikely to tear or snag, even as the cuffs got underfoot and I caught a sleeve on a kitchen drawer. (For the record: It happened three times over the course of five days.)

What I don’t like about Savage X Fenty sleepwear for men

Man wearing baggy purple Savage X Satin Pants.
Credit: Reviewed / Kevin Cortez

The Savage X Satin Pants sweeps underneath the feet due to its loose, flowy fit.

I enjoyed my time in these great-looking garments, but I wouldn’t say the quality is worth its price. Like all of Savage X Fenty’s clothing, the value of each piece is inextricably tied to the brand’s Xtra VIP membership. While, yes, I got these products shipped to me at no cost due to my profession, I wouldn’t spend $64.95 on a pair of polyester-made lounge pants, or $89.95 on a polyester-made smoking jacket, no matter how flashy it looked. These pieces aren’t worth that cost, especially as the choice of fabric is so cheap to manufacture. One can argue that you’re paying for the style and cut, which is a valid point. But for me, how something looks doesn’t matter as much as how something feels. While that satin jacquard print is a showstopper, it’s not what I’d prefer to wear on a regular basis. When it comes down to it, I don’t think the prices are fair.

In order to purchase the Savage X Satin Pants and Savage X Smoking Jacket at a reasonable cost, you have to opt-in to the brand’s Xtra VIP membership as a new member for a special introductory rate. As of publication, that new member discount would drop the pants down from $64.95 to $17.48, and the smoking jacket from $89.95 to $24.48—a way better deal for both pieces. If you’re already Xtra VIP, those prices are $49.95 and $69.95, respectively, which I still think are too high. Polyester satin pajama pants average at about $20 a pair on Amazon, and smoking jackets that include bottoms are around $35. In my opinion, Savage X Fenty charges for its brand name but doesn’t have the quality to warrant its value.

New members may have the benefit of grabbing this set at a fine price, but at the cost of joining a program that incentivizes you to shop exclusively with them on a monthly basis or periodically “skip” being charged. That means, unless you cancel by phone or online, you’ll have to plan what you’ll buy next from the company. This is an extra hassle to grab eye-candy loungewear at a better price, and it’s unfortunately tied to all pieces Savage X Fenty offers. As much as I think the men’s sized loungewear set I tested was comfy, shopping at Savage X Fenty is not worth it unless you’re a huge fan of Rihanna or crave that hot influencer look month after month.

Is Savage X Fenty worth it?

Man modeling Savage X Fenty sleepwear set, woman modeling Savage X Fenty underwear set.
Credit: Savage X Fenty

Savage X Fenty's clothing may be worth it—if you opt-in to its membership program.

For me? No. For you? Maybe.

The men’s loungewear I tested was just fine. It’s soft, airy, super baggy, and it made me feel flashy and attractive over the clothes I’d normally wear before bed. I don’t have many gripes about the quality or craftsmanship of the Savage X Fenty pieces, nor do I have any issues with design or sizing. My issue is with the company’s membership program and pricing. As someone who is more into Rihanna the Musician over Rihanna the Brand, the Savage X Satin Pants and Smoking Jacket don’t feel worth their $64.95 and $89.95 prices. Signing up for a program that costs $49.99 per month to shop exclusively at a retailer isn’t my kind of bag.

However, as someone who has plenty of friends who love Savage X Fenty, it could be worth it for you—granted that you’re into the idea of giving yourself a monthly allowance of $49.99 or more to exclusively support Rihanna’s product. The pricing of these items skew lower if you’re an Xtra VIP member, and the choice to “skip” a monthly charge makes it easier to purchase only those pieces that interest you. This business model isn’t for everyone, but if you plan on buying Savage X Fenty in the long run, it might be worth it.

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