I Never Used to Wear Sleep Masks to Bed, but This One Totally Converted Me

On most days, my husband and I go to bed at the same time, but lately, he's been the one falling asleep first. While I can typically get through a few pages of my book, he tends to close his eyes as soon as his head reaches the pillow. For a while, I got away with using the overhead lights attached to our bed frame while he slept, but my late night reading habit ($59) quickly became at odds with his desire to get more sleep. I required bright lighting so as not to strain my eyes, but he could not fall asleep if even the dimmest ray was on. Yet, he did not want to stop me from reading as much as I did not want him to keep waking up.

The solution to our nighttime routine turned out to be the Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask ($59). I had it in a drawer for a year, but the idea suddenly came to me when I realized he needed a way to completely block out the light. The sleep mask did exactly that. I watched him get so much use out of it that I eventually got one for myself, too. It works!

The silky fabric feels soft to the touch and it is thick enough to stop any light from piercing through. We've both been using ours for a couple weeks now, and have been enjoying uninterrupted sleep. We also have large windows (and no blackout curtains), so on sunny days, our apartment is filled with so much light. This used to instantly wake us up, but not anymore thanks to the sleep mask. It's a simple solution, yet a total game-changer.

If you're someone who can only fall asleep in complete darkness, this product is for you. Shop on, you'll wonder where it's been all your life.