If God Stopped After Creating Man …


If God had stopped after Creating Man:

Can you imagine the newspaper headline?: “God Stops … after Creating Man”: ”No to woman !”
Of course, if that were the case, only men would be reading newspapers.
Think about it!

The Bible says that God did more than just create Man (Genesis Chapter 2):
First he (he is a ‘he’ … isn’t she?) created Man (Ch 2: v.7)
He then thought that man needed a helper (Ch 2 v.18)
So, he created Woman. (Ch 2: vv.21&22)

Why didn’t God stop after he’d created man?

Think about it … these blokes (if say instead, he’d made a set of ’em) would have had a lovely time doing things like going fishing; building a men’s shed; drinking beer; playing pool, or darts or bowls etc. and watching ‘the match’.
They would have had a great time!

Why did God have to create Woman?

Now I know what you are thinking, but I’m thinking something else:
What if the woman began to tell the man what to do?
Do you think that that could be possible?
For instance:
What if the woman told the man that he was useless, and then said:
********** “this is the way to do it!” **********

It’s just not healthy to stop a man thinking about ‘manly’ things!
No woman would say that to her man … would she?

My personal man & woman story:

One day in our house, my wife said to me:
“Can you please fold up the table-cloth and put it in the drawer”, and left me to get on with ‘the job’ … I picked up the table-cloth by the nearest two corners; pulled it slowly towards me; held it up high so that it naturally fell in front of me; then, pulling it close to my body, I folded it once, then a second time, and so on until it was small & neat enough to fit in the drawer.

Good job hey? I was proud of it! I even thought that my stage-by-stage details could be recorded and published in a Booklet for Table-cloth Folders, ‘cos that seemed like a ‘man-thing’ to do. And it could be put on the shelves of the men’s shed … spreading the good stuff around.

Apart from the fun bit (about the booklet), this is a true story, and I was indeed proud of my efforts that day … so proud in fact that I called my wife to show her the end product.

When she came, I opened the drawer to show her ‘the end product’, but she seemed to be looking at the floor, not the drawer, and she said:
“What are all these crumbs doing all over the floor?”
I said: “Which crumbs?” (pretending that there was nothing there), and she then said:
“Did you not think to remove the crumbs before you folded the table-cloth?” and of course, being a man, I said:
“But you only asked me to fold the tablecloth … so that’s what I did”.
“You didn’t tell me to remove the crumbs first”.

My wife’s sentence: “What are all these crumbs doing all over the floor?” was of course, code for “that’s NOT the way to do it!”
And to make matters worse, she didn’t even show me how to do it!
In fact, she didn’t even give me a chance to sweep up the crumbs.
She just went for the brush and shovel … and did the job herself !

It was as though she was saying (without saying): “this is the way to do it”

Back to The Bible:

Can you see why I asked earlier: Why did God have to create Woman?

Here’s a couple of follow-up questions:
1. What did the woman do when she was created as man’s helper?
2. Did she apply the ‘woman’ rule: “that’s the way to do it”?

Well, lets see what The Bible says:
This is where you’ll need to read one of my earlier-published stories, titled:
“I’m Planning to Rewrite The Bible”. Check it out with the box-link below:


“If God Stopped after Creating Man …” * written by Fred: Almost Famous

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