Laundry Room: the dreaded chore you’ll dread no more

The Problem With Your Laundry Room

Your Laundry room might conjure images of piles of clothes, dirty socks, half-broken ironing boards, and lint dust bunnies. 

It’s one of the house’s most frequently used rooms, but it can also be one of the most neglected. 

Most people don’t like doing laundry and, as a result, avoid it until, out of necessity, they rush quickly to do the task and get out of the space as soon as possible. 

So while we can’t find that missing sock for you, we can make the process more enjoyable as it’s much easier to manage in an organized space. 

The top changes you can make to your laundry to make life easier are: 

  1. Add bench height storage to minimize bending over
  2. Add countertops for folding 
  3. Add a drying space 
  4. Add additional storage to the laundry for your bulk storage, cleaning supplies, linens, etc. 

Most builders don’t put much if any effort into laundry room storage. 

Some places come with a washer and dryer, and that’s it. Sometimes you get a single wire rack, and sometimes it’s a small upgrade from that, but most times, the storage isn’t sufficient or the right fit for the owner’s needs and uses of the space. 

Many laundries are uninspiring places to work and look like the images below. 

We Can Help You Love Doing The Laundry!

As expert space designers, we love solving all sorts of laundry problems! So we’ll first assess your needs to ensure we come up with a solution that works for you and your space. 

Here are some questions you can expect when we’re inquiring about your storage needs: 

  • Do you want closed or open storage? This is a big one, and it pays to know how messy your home is on average and if that causes a lot of stress. 
  • Do you want a cabinet where you can store awkward things such as mops and brooms? Most answer yes here.
  • Do you need a hamper? Depending on your house’s layout, this may make the most sense for the laundry basket to live right next to the washing machine. 
  • Do you need hanging space where you can hang clothes to dry or steam them? A valet rod can work nicely as a substitute if you don’t have the space for a whole rod.
  • Do you want a built-in ironing board? There are many different types – we can create a hidden drawer ironing board that pulls out at waist level and then slides back into place when the ironing is done. We also have boards that hang on the side of a cabinet and pull down when needed. 
  • Do you need hooks, and if so, what kind? 
  • Do you need a countertop area for folding laundry?
  • What else are you storing in your laundry room? Often a laundry room is a catch-all/multipurpose room that juggles a lot of different needs for a home, and it’s important to establish all the goals for the space and define zones for each. 

Along with pantries, a laundry room upgrade may be one of the least expensive updates you can make that offers one of the most significant improvements. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Call us today. 

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