New Milwaukee 52″ Mobile Workbench Appeared at Home Depot

Milwaukee 52-inch Mobile Workbench at Home Depot store. Scouterktaylor

Redditor Scouterktaylor recently came across a new Milwaukee mobile workbench configuration at their local Home Depot store.

The new Milwaukee 52″ and 12-drawer mobile workbench looks to draw features, construction, and styling from some of their the brand’s other metal tool storage solutions.

In other words, while new, this 52″ mobile workbench is highly recognizable and without any surprises – not that this is a bad thing.

Milwaukee 52-inch Mobile Workbench Features. Scouterktaylor

This will be part of Milwaukee’s High Capacity Industrial line, which already includes a 40′ mobile workbench, 46″ combo with roller cabinet and top chest, 56″ combo with roller cabinet and top chest, and 52″ mobile workbench with open top drawers.

The features sticker describes the tool cabinet as being the most durable and best equipped.

Key Features & Specifications

  • Measures 51.5″ long x 22.1″ deep x 41.3″ tall
  • Butcher block-style wood top
  • 120 lb soft-close ball bearing drawer slides
  • 5″ x 2″ industrial casters
  • 2,500 lbs total weight capacity
  • 23,543 cubic inches storage capacity
  • Power tool organizer (drawer insert)
  • Pre-cut drawer liners
  • Front edge protectors
  • Built-in power strip w/ USB ports
  • Tubular lock

The 41.3″ height is noteworthy, making this one of Milwaukee’s tallest mobile workbenches yet. The drawer configuration is also different from their existing 52″ solution, which has open top drawers similar to an earlier non-premium line model.

Side view of Milwaukee 52-inch Mobile Workbench. Scouterktaylor

The side view shows Milwaukee’s heavy duty handle, built-in power strip, and mounting points for M12/M18 chargers. It also looks to include mounting points for a side tray, but it’s unclear if such an accessory is included (it usually is).

It seems that Milwaukee went with rear-placement for the power cord pass-through grommet, rather than putting it on the same side as the power strip.

Price: $898


I wonder – is this an early rollout for Spring 2022, or were they intended for the holiday shopping season but held up due to transport delays?

Either way, I would assume that the mobile workbench will start appearing at other Home Depot store locations shortly.

The great part about Milwaukee ball bearing tool storage products is that they’re well-made and nicely-featured. The downside is that their availability can be unpredictable, depending on the model or configuration, and time of year.

Based on the number of questions and requests I have received over the years, my general advice is to not hesitate if you see a Milwaukee tool box or mobile workbench setup that you like and can budget for.

“I wanted to wait for a lower price and now cannot find the tool box in stock anywhere” has happened to a couple of readers. My advice? Save your receipt – Home Depot has an excellent history when it comes to price adjustments.

I have not yet seen this mobile workbench configuration at my stores, and it does not appear to be available online yet.

While there aren’t any new features – at least not obvious ones – or surprises – it’s good to see Milwaukee come out with another solid-looking metal storage product.

If you have spotted one of these new Milwaukee tool boxes at your Home Depot stores, what do you think about it?