Not Later, Now. H5P Branching Tour @ University of Regina

A highway sign listing Findlater (2) above Regina (77) - yes real town names in Saskatchewan!

I’m sending a big thanks to Alec Couros for inviting me to present a one hour introduction to H5P, zooming in, to the University of Regina Centre for Teaching and Learning.

As promised in my intro, #IDontDoSlides, so they got my Branching Scenario style show, talking about H5P by using H5P. Everything is there for anyone else to branch into (or out of).

Yes, this was a remixed/remixed version of one I did this summer for some folks in Texas, and itself a derivative of the first one I did a year ago  for the Midwestern Higher Education Compact. Remix is a lot of what this is about, right?

My setup is to use the H5P Branching Scenario for the Not a Slide Presentation, and let them know there is much much more in there I will not cover, and I provide a wack sack of resources in the Accordion below (If I had more time I would have loved to try Oliver Tacke’s new Tabs content type).

I’ve added a new slew of references and examples, including:

For a guide to tool/content type picking (along with my non trademarked You Don’t Start Cooking By Reaching into the Utensil Drawer) I really liked again from JR Dingwall, Which H5P Content Type is Right For You, and I was going to thank him for a new resource, until I saw I had previously commented on it.

Some quick notes before they leak from my brain

  • I do a real time call out for participants to respond via chat to a question about experience with H5P (it is part of the branching scenario and uses merely feedback to make suggestions of which sections might help before going to the main branching — as last time most of the responses were mostly towards the new to H5P end
  • No matter how often I frame the power of using H5P for practice activities to reinforce learning content (that was the focus of the BCcampus Open Homework Systems project the H5P Kitchen was part of), invariably the questions come about “how does it report scores to the LMS?”
  • It’s good the questions came on accessibility, I tossed a few more in to the resources, but also strongly recommended they turn to their CTL and Library for specific review. I worry there is too much reliance on the H5P checklist – when as noted there, accessibility is described for the tool, but it the authors neglect to address color/contrast issues and provide media descriptions, the thumbs up/down on accessibility is not enough.
  • the eCampus H5P Studio is still such a valuable go to place to find examples but also the LibreStudio is bursting at the seams with H5P content (close to 10000!).
  • I urged them to not overlook the ways to provide more feedback than Correct/Incorrect (cough) (cough)
  • I talk way too fast
  • It’s so hard to read the room in zoom.
  • It was worth reminding them that there is really good experience and use of H5P at University of Saskatchewan and I know there is growing interest at Sask Polytech- maybe there should be some regional cooperation>>
  • A lot of folks are interested and get excited, and I leave them with the message that parts of it look easy, but as you work more with H5P you ruin against its quirks and inconsistencies, and then find there is always a bit more to it then just filling out a few form fields.
  • New to the tool mix now is Lumi– I always recommended the desktop editor (and in fact used it to update my branching scenario), but the new cloud app is very useful. You cannot only author any kind of content (rather than the subset you get on but you can publish and embed from Lumi cloud. It may not be the vehicle for production, but I really think its important to grasp the idea that H5P content can move from platform to platform as easy as taking a JPG created in Photoshop and plopping it into a WordPress post or a Google Doc or an email.

I hope it went well- there were some lingering folks. And the way I set it up is that next week I return for a drop in session to see what other questions people have, or to try things hands on. I left them the self paced workshop I did last summer, I think that still stands as a good series of activities.

Thanks again Alec, I appreciate the opportunity to do stuff at University of Regina (I am just down the road!

Featured Image: Mine! Taken while driving through here in 2011…

A highway sign listing Findlater (2) above Regina (77) - yes real town names in Saskatchewan!
Later I will Find Regina flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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