People Are Sharing 32 Mandela Effects That Confused Them The Most

Ever got caught recalling something that ended up being false, but you swore something was a thing, especially since everyone else seemed to validate this supposedly false memory?

Yep, you got duped by what is called the Mandela effect. It’s when a bunch of people believe something to be true, when it’s not.

One of the most famous ones, especially in the US, was The Berenstain Bears one, where people were sure it was Berenstein and not Berenstain. But there are many more of them.

Speaking of many more, Redditors have recently been listing the ones that messed with their minds the most. The thread managed to get almost 13,000 upvotes with a handful of Reddit awards, and generate over 8,400 comments.

We invite you to check out the best responses in a curated list below, and while you’re at it, upvote the ones that messed with your mind too, and leave a comment with some effects that you know.

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The monopoly guy not having a monocle

Image credits: FamousDnail101


Pikachus tail having a black end

Pikachu doesn't have that

Image credits: afreshavacado


Fruit of the Loom cornucopia for sure. It's was there. I remember distinctly, and no other brand has that specific cornucopia. I could probably even draw it from memory if I needed to to

Image credits: arb1984


The fact that shaggy doesn’t have a protruding Adam’s apple

Image credits: nfms_ginger21


i swear to f**king god mickey mouse had suspenders

Image credits: _MilkyBaby_


Beats by Dr. Dre. I’m almost positive that it was “Beats by Dre.” But I went and found my old headphones and sure enough it says “Dr.” Its even weirder because it looks so wrong and crowded on the headband.

Image credits: r0vrT


The one that always gets me is particular to my friends and I from when we were kids. There was a creek that ran under the street in the neighborhood and we would sometimes hang out in the banks on either side of the road. There was this big rock that we would sit on all the time. Except one day we were walking by and it wasn’t a rock. It was a small tree. Fully rooted in and established and the rock was no where to be seen. Mind you, it was an extremely heavy boulder. We passed that spot all the time and all of us remember that rock. We call it the shapeshifting rock.

Image credits: The-one-true-hobbit


I really thought the Raisin Bran sun wore sunglasses. Nope.

Image credits: trickydixion


This one is a bit more personal to me, but growing up my mom and I always made an effort to go to the beach every Friday afternoon.

When it got too dark to be in the water, we would make our way to the park that was right next to the beach.

On some Fridays, we would just chill on one of the slides and look at the stars. One day I saw this light spinning around and I remember asking my mom what it was.

She told me that it was a lighthouse, and that it's used at night to stop ships from crashing into the shore.

I remember this vividly because it was kind of like my gateway into hyperfixating on sunken and shipwrecked ships.

Years later, over a decade (so this was probably in the mid to late 2000s), I got back into lighthouses. I go online to see if this lighthouse that I saw was still in commission, and I can't find any traces of it.

So I ask my mom, and apparently this conversation we had never took place according to her. I insist, and finally she's like "idk babes, I probably forgot"

So I go looking deeper, and apparently there was never a lighthouse where I thought it was.

To this day it f**ks me up, because I KNOW what I saw, I KNOW what we talked about.

Image credits: NoodleEmpress


It’s spelled Febreze, not Febreeze

Image credits: poecilio


“Froot loops” became “fruit loops” then “froot loops” again

Image credits: playstation_4_contrl


My friend TRULY believes to his core, that Jane Goodall passed away 15-20 years ago

Image credits: -RubyWings-


I don't know if it counts, but I had a favorite orange t-shirt and I haven't seen it in years. Asked my mom if she knows anything about it and described the drawings on it. She went "You mean the turquoise one? It's in x drawer" I fought her a while about it and finally went to check the said drawer and there it was, my favorite "orange" shirt in all its turquoise glory

Image credits: SK570


“The Picture of Dorian Gray” always thought it was Portrait

Image credits: AuroraItsNotTheTime


On Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA album cover, there’s a red hat in his back pocket, not a bandana.

Image credits: laTeeTza


Curious George ain’t got no tail

Image credits: Technophile18


My mom doesn’t have the best memory. I called her when I found out about this one and go, “Do you remember that movie when sinbad was a genie?” Without missing a beat she goes, “Yeah Shazam, right? You guys watched that all the time.” I said “you’re not confusing it with kazaam with shaq right?” She says “No you guys didn’t like that one as much you liked the sinbad one better.” She was mind blown that it doesn’t exist. I think she even looked through our vhs collection cause she’s was like we definitely have that movie but she never found it. Shame.

Image credits: bongripafart


Apparently Kit Kat has no hiphen

Image credits: Single-Ad3828


Reddi Wip

i swear to god there was an H in the wip…

Image credits: thatonedik3


For me it will ALWAYS be Berenstien bears. My mom and I felt like our whole lives were a lie when we looked back at the books one day and saw BerenSTAIN bears. The f**k?

Image credits: KaylaCoo02


Looney Tunes not Looney Toons. I was convinced it was Toons, as in cartoons.

Image credits: Took2mush


C-3PO has one silver leg. Every costume gets this wrong.

Image credits: noshtochele


Britney Spears, 'Oops I Did it Again' she isn't wearing a headset. Toys and costumes with the red outfit always have a headset.

In the video you can clearly see her adjust a headset that doesn't exist.

Or in 'Baby One More Time' she was wearing a plaid skirt... I guess it's solid black??

Image credits: notforyou92


Walkers crisps where the salt and vinegar were blue and cheese and onion were green. I vividly remember it and can't believe that it wasn't like that

Image credits: InnerFaithlessness93


I remember SpongeBob holding a V shaped purple guitar now it's a peanut?

Image credits: fistf**kyamother


The "objects in mirror MAY BE closer than they appear" one still bugs me.

Image credits: thecanaryisdead2099


Tom Cruise dancing in Risky Business.

I'd have sworn he was wearing a white shirt and black Ray-Bans.

Image credits: TeamOfPups


That when Agatha Christie disappeared mysteriously for several days, she was never seen again and presumed deceased.

Legit had an argument with a friend over this before i figured out what was going on

Image credits: optimisticollie


Stouffer’s stove top stuffing has apparently never existed.

Image credits: Clear_Flower_4552


I always remembered chik-fil-a, not chick-fil-a. I noticed it in high school texting someone and they asked why I spelled it that way.

Image credits: elasticicity


How come no one is talking about the hiking emoji?? I vividly remember there was and hiking emoji where a guy/girl is climbing a rock with a stick on hand, seems like we never had one

Image credits: thinlimb


Not me, but a few other folks

I'm an amateur astronomer, and the book in our astronomy club library that causes the most controversy is one about bright comets of the last few decades

A comet bright enough to see from the city happens about once a decade on average. And a lot of people saw one in the sky when they were kids or in their teens, and then years later they ask about it. And so the book comes out and they look through it and check the year and go 'that's not right'. Because they remember seeing the comet when they were in middle school, when in reality it was when they were in high school, or vice versa.

Image credits: USSMarauder