I went to knit with friends tonight and the promised snow started falling as I left my friend's house on the east side. By the time I'd gone a mile I realized that the roads were really slick so I changed my route home to stay off the bridges and highway since I figured the surface streets would be a little slower. I was right but I was glad to get into my nice garage. We're supposed to get between 1 and 3 inches of snow overnight. Guess who'll be shoveling snow tomorrow?

On my way to the grocery this morning I stopped at Michaels for a couple tubes of paint and some glue sticks. I walked past the book rack and look at what I found. A new drawing book! I was looking for something not a rocket ship to draw and found it. 




The first figure in the book is a chocolate kiss. Not as easy to shade as you might expect but I think I did okay.

Instead of using watercolor paints I used watercolor pencils to draw a fish scene in my sketchbook this afternoon. The cool thing about the watercolor pencils is that you draw and color your picture then you put water in this tube with a brush tip on it and smoosh it over your pencil drawing and it turns to watercolors and blends like paint. I like it.

These House Finches were the only birds that I saw at the feeders today but I wasn't really
keeping an eye out.

I had to stretch to find six or seven things to be grateful for today that I haven't used every day for the last few days. Not that I can't be grateful for the same things but I like to change it up.


Tonight I knitted on the Zauber sock finishing the cuff and moving on to the leg of the sock. The yarn is so dark that it's hard to see at night. I got off by one stitch on a round tonight and didn't realize it until I was far past the booboo. Good thing the cuff will be in my pants leg because I am not going to rip back or drop down the stitches to fix the mistakes. It's a sock for me and I can ignore it. Or I'll look at it every time I go to put it on, shake my head, and then put it on anyway.

Today's toss was a small handful of kitchen gadgets that I dug out of that drawer in the kitchen. You know the one, it has all of the random crap in it that has nowhere else to go.