Summery Looks in the Garden Room

The end of July has me thinking about mid-Summer but with a decided shift toward winding down and bringing out a bit darker, deeper, harvest colors. Golds and darker greens and a few browns start showing up with some sunflower vibes. Out in the Garden Room I've changed up the wicker seating area to include some golds, black and white Buffalo Check, and of course my always current ticking stripes.

By the end of July and the beginning of August I'm ready to quietly slide into what I call "Pre-Fall". I'll try to be subtle and maybe you won't notice. I love Fall and I'm always over the heat and drought by August, but I've learned to hang in there as it always seems to eventually show up.

Sunflowers, fruit themes, and bee related items are all fun decorating motifs for August. I brought out a gold and white quilted throw to coordinate with a fun sunflower pillow and the Black/White Checked covers from Amazon.

My vintage crate painted white has a "Majolica" inspired pitcher, a small beeskep, an antique rake head, and some garden tools and gloves. I found this painted white large demijohn bottle several years ago and love using it in the Summer months.

This Summery twiggy grapevine wreath is covered in bright summer blooms and lilies.

Sorry, the walls appear to be blush pink??? They're really a khaki/greige hue.

Last year I brought my little vintage chippy white stepladder in from the backporch and I've loved using it inside as another fun spot to display goodies. This month it has a very old English Cottage creamer, a sewing drawer filled with a faux paperwhites and a small beeswax candle.

You can peek inside the Summer Holiday Cupboard HERE.

Did you get a chance to check out the Christmas In July Hop? So much fun and so many great ideas to get us into planning mode.

And here's a little random post about seed box graphics and my kitty girls. Such cute photos and if you've wondered why you haven't seen them lately (or not) they both passed this last year and was of course, difficult. I just never felt up to posting about it. I really miss them (They were 18 years old) and they were so much company for me, but they were both very ill with cancers so we waited as long as we could, but it was time to let them go. Posting about the wicker settee made me think how at least one of them was always on it. I guess it is time to share this sad fact of life with our sweet little fur friends. It's been a few months so we've adjusted by now. No more pets for us as we need to be able to get away a bit for a quick vacay at times. My heart is saddened when one of us goes through this time, but we all keep each other in our thoughts and prayers. Here's to all the years with my sweet little gals. They definitely were part of the family.